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World Class Software arrives in Nigeria
After many years of working with most prestigious companies in the world a team of Nigerian software developers and internet experts have come together to create a new organisation in Nigeria: EasyWare.

Our aim is simple:

EasyWare is creating world class software to help Nigerian companies compete with the best organisations in the world. We are building powerful, yet easy-to-use and affordable business and consumer software targeted at Nigerian companies. Our software systems help to cut the cost and increase productivity of companies operating in Nigeria.

Our products and services include:

EasyWare Payroll and HR systems

EasyWare Human resource manager is a powerful software application that enables companies and organisations of all sizes to easily manage their payroll systems.
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EasyWare B2B Commerce and Shopping Cart

Are you a merchant with little or no technical know-how? Would you like to build powerful, unlimited ecommerce-enabled web sites with minimum fuss and at a low cost? If yes, these are the perfect packages for you
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Web Building and Bespoke Systems

Are you looking to build your corporate web site or a bespoke software system to help solve a difficult business process? You will not find a better solution than us
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Hosting Services and Domain Registration

EasyWare offers comprehensive range of web hosting and domain name registring services targetted at the Nigerian market
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We cannot promise you millions
(but we can give you the tools to make them) :

When the telephone was invented in 1876, it was widely regarded as an exciting piece of technology. But there was a lot of scepticism about its worth as a business tool.

Some of this scepticism came from the custodians of UK business, who should have known better. Stockbrokers at the London Stock exchange snorted, "Who needs so many telephones? We have messenger boys."


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